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Welcome to xtreme CHRISTMAS BREAK Camps

Let us keep the kids busy during their days off from school. This year we're continuing our camp programs over the holiday break! Just like the FUN camp that you loved this summer, everyone gets to enjoy camp over the holidays!

What's the difference? Read on to learn more!

Xtreme fun Camp

Xtreme Fun Camp is a day full of off the wall fun, literally! This camp will keep the laughs coming, and have everyone smiling all day. 


Geared towards kids ages 4 to 12 this program is very similar to the program you know and love. With a focus on Fun, this camp is great for most jumpers.

Xtreme Sports Camp

For those who would like to kick it up a notch, we're bringing back Xtreme Sports Camps!

 Geared towards kids ages 10 to 12, this camp is designed for the athlete within, the jumper who can go non-stop and always wants to be challenged.

we can't wait to see you!


Online registration is available here.


For more information, email

*All sales are final.

See FAQ for details.

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